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Rear Wishbone Suspension Rubbers

Started by Adrian_J, May 29, 2024, 14:10:13

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Does anyone know the donor vehicle for the metal cored rubber suspension bushes used throughout the rear wishbone assembly please? I have been researching a few Ford, Jag and Volvo possibilities, but find most adverts don't specify dimensions, rather they just detail applicable vehicle models. Nominal dimensions are overall length 44.6mm, 'seated' length 35.0mm, 'barrel' diameter 32.5mm, 'end caps' diameter 39.5mm, metal 'crush tube' bore 12mm. Superflex offer a universal shock absorber eye SF0415 which is the closest I found so far, but you need to buy SF469-0137T crush tubes separately. This works out to be tad expensive when re-bushing the complete suspension! An oem part would be preferred.