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Started by marsh, April 25, 2024, 16:02:42

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hello all - it's been a while...

I see CF66 is back up from sale, on Car and Classic, for £84500.  I recall it sold last year with Bonhams, for just a tad under £60k; requiring recommissioning.  The seats look like they've been retrimmed or repaired, but outside of that, it looks outwardly similar to how it was sold last year.

I am potentially in the market for a reasonable priced, but usable 428 - does anyone know this car? I can see from it's past auction history that's it's travelled around a fair bit over the last 20 years.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards



Hello Lee,

This car is mine so will provide a little background to it:

The car was originally a UK car, then exported to USA (I don't know by who) then some years later came back on a temporary basis to be auctioned (by RM) in 2009; sold for £111,500 inc fees (those were the days!) and then went to a collector in Kuwait. From what I can establish, it was basically stored until auctioned to me last spring. As you're aware, I paid just shy of £60K but then had to pay the import fees (auctioned on a temporary import arrangement) so £65K once on my driveway (invoices to show).

I have spent the last year getting it to the state it is in now which was quite a task. The outer sills were crumbly (replaced along with inner bottom sections both sides), the seats recovered per original in a mix of leather and vinyl, engine and gearbox out to attend to various requirements, brake calipers and servos disassembled and rebuilt, electrics gone through to get everything working again, 5 new wheels and tyres etc etc. So, a little bit more than a simple recommissioning.

Anyway, I'm happy to show prospective purchasers around the car and talk through exactly what I have, and haven't done. I think the price is very fair for the state its in now and considerably less than the that being asked for other cars recently (or still) available. As always, a chat on the phone is often the best way to determine if one wants to progress to a viewing and my number is on the advert.

Kind regards



Hello Andy - lovely to hear from you!

Thanks for the quick response - much appreciated. It sounds like you've had a busy few months bringing it back from the brink.

I'm in the process of selling my Aurelia, which is going to Holland, all things crossed.

I won't darken your doors until that's actually happened, as we all know these things aren't done, until they're done. Let's stay in touch.

Kindest regards


No problem, you have my contact details if things with your sale work out.

Kind regards



Andy; re CF66- could you give me ring? Chris Pearce 01732 810 384