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Forgotten Vintage

Started by Jam2, April 18, 2024, 15:14:55

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There appears to be a vintage AC at about 29:20 in this video, although the wheels and body do look rather odd!

Old Crock

Yes, it is really odd.

I remember this car being on Ebay in 2016. Apparently, some years earlier the chassis, with transaxle, was removed from under wrecks in a scrapyard. The new owner, working in the restoration business, started to build a body from drawings but stopped due to ill-health. The engine was not AC, it was from a Nissan, and there are many other things not right e.g. wheels, dashboard, electrics, steering wheel. The body is wrong in places e.g. windscreen design but there was, at the time, the possibility of either having a usable car or restoring this to being more original. I don't believe it had a V5, so chassis number would have been important for the DVLA.

First couple of photos, below, taken from the video and third photo the car as advertised in 2016.


1935 Greyhound for sale, chassis L332, engine UMB285.  See RM online advert for background and 58 photos. From the Jim Feldman collection, cosmetically excellent and over $23,000 past three years sorting out the rest.  Much documentation including detailed records of 1980-81 complete disassembly and restoration.
Very few extant, this very likely the best.  Car is near the port of Boston, lowest-cost shipment from the States. Recent acquisition of a '36 Talbot sport saloon fills this niche, only other prewar (than a '40 La Salle convt sedan, quite a different beast and "prewar" only on this side).
Keith Carlson   1.617.840.8885