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Fuel Pump location AC Engine

Started by kicksey, July 25, 2023, 22:08:27

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I am having ongoing problems with over fuelling the carbs.  Currently set up with a "Facet Gold Flo" electric pump and a regulator at the front.  My thoughts (after speaking to Burlen) is that the pump should be located at the rear of the car as the Facet pump and the SU pump recommended by Burlen are better suited to pushing the fuel rather than pulling it.    My question is where have other owners successfully located their pumps,  what are they using and any tips would be welcome


on te car i am working i belive to have the orignal set up with the SU pump located on the side of the engine.
I am not sure at wich pressure it is set.

Before to do any change to your system, have you tried to renew the seats and the needles of the float chambers?
Have you set the forks at the right hight?



For what it's worth AEX146 has the single SU pump which was bought from Burlen. It is attached to the rear bulkhead and seems to work ok. See photo.
My car also tends to overfuelling and needs adjustment of the carbs.


I'd agree with tappet adjuster Eddie that over fueling unlikely caused by fuel pump position but rather issue with float height setting / float needle valve sealing against seats and/ or fuel pump pressure being to high.
Most early carbs are low pressure high volume feed( ie webbers etc 4psi). Its worth checking floats have integrity as well ( not leaking) - test in hot water for leaks.

I work with pumps a lot in the oil and gas industry for lifting fluids out of wells and the key point is that they need primed with liquid ( not air/ gas) to pump efficiently where they can lift liquids to the required location and at the required pump "head"( think pressure), so you could site fore or aft but they would be best sited at least below the mid point of fuel tank depth, or close so they are always primed assuming you keep the tank filled up. The lower the better imho.


Hi, I have AE103 with AC engine. My SU fuel pump is mounted high in the left hand corner of the boot. It was originally located on the boot floor but  had it modified so that it was out of the way. Can send photo if required. Peter.