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Topics - MikeR

Found a fairly-solid-looking 2-digit chassis number,
believed circa 1933 underslung experimental frame.
Axles, wheels (presumably postwar) located in the UK.
Some v useful body bits also available for a March style
Plus close ratio Moss g/b with o/d

Available with a prewar AC engine, with usual gasket-leakage problem
same location...
* cat's-paw engine, removed from 1937 16/80 (sic) DHC
includes crankshaft, pistons galore, exhaust manifold, clutch,
bellhousing, dynamo, starter, sump, cylinder head with valves,
carb connectors, 2 carbs, etc, etc....

* needs cylinder block, camshaft and waterpump.

This 16/80 engine was fitted by ACs in 1937 to a DHC,
supplied new to farmer Hugh Chambers (well-known AC enthusiast)
in Havelock North, New Zealand.   Hugh visited Thames Ditton every
5 years for a new AC from 1924 to 37

I owned and drove the car circa 1962, but the aluminium block was
on the way out that year...remained off the road another 30 years
until a recent owner rather rashly fitted a postwar engine, then
shot over to Australia, and left the original motor behind

Sump and crank can be supplied with new block, bearings, liners, etc...
rebuilt by specialist AC shop in UK